Art Classes Margate is an innovative community focused art class that runs weekday mornings afternoons. Currently this is at a charming church in Westgate-On-Sea, Margate on Monday mornings and Tuesday morning and afternoon.


Speaking to Caroline Fisher (click here to watch the video) we asked a few questions about the courses and why you might want to join this great community style class.


Question – Explain to me what you teach in your courses

Answer – The 14-week course consists of the following, drawing, everything from perspective to faces and people this lasts for 3 fun filled weeks. Then we move onto oil pastels where we learn how to blend and do various projects, always in line with the seasons we are in.

We usual cover animals and birds, so if you have a pet you can lovingly learn how to portray them in pastels, this lasts for 2 weeks. Next is watercolor’s, how to mix, how to use the correct paper and why. We paint landscapes and flowers; this is always a favorite section for everyone and lasts for 3 weeks.


The next 4 weeks we spend on acrylics, so far this term we have covered a seascape and also impasto, using paint thickly to give texture to paintings. Then we have a week of how to mount your works of art and finally an exhibition if we are allowed to. At the moment during Covid-19 there are restrictions but usually this is a wonderful way for students to showcase their work.


Question – Who are the usual class members?

Answer – Usual participants are retirees and those that work from home and parents. The age ranges in class at the moment is 35 to 86, but we welcome anyone from 18+..


Question – Why is the time of the lessons important?

Answer – There is a lot to do in the evenings and we think having a break and something to do during the day is a great mental break for anyone. Mums and Dads with kids at school really like the opportunity to learn or improve a creative skill which is why we try to run the classes in conjunction with school terms.


Question – Are attendees’ artists or absolute beginners?

Answer – No we aim at absolute beginners and improvers. The majority of people will come back the following seasons making them improvers. I have had a 70% return rate after my first ever season. We also never cover the same curriculum twice, always fresh and new. You can come and join us multiple times and still keep learning.


Question – Do students need any prior skills

Answer – None at all. You don’t need to be a budding painter at all, just an interest is all you need, we welcome everyone.


Question – List what is taught (oils, water colours, pencil line drawing etc.) –

Answer – We look at all aspects of art. Drawing (improvers also tackle something new, it could be charcoal or pens), oil pastels, watercolour’s and acrylics.

Question – Is the group fun, mixed of the same or different ages?

Answer – There is a mix of ages but at the moment the majority are in their 60’s. The course isn’t just about the art it’s about a social group as well. Most of my class are now friends and if it wasn’t for covid would be meeting up away from class.

Each one of our step-by-step, adult-only, part-time art classes in Margate will teach you the skills required to draw and paint. You will gain experience in creating beautiful artwork covering a broad selection of subject matter, from figurative work to landscapes, and still-life compositions to more contemporary and colourful abstract studies and portraiture. In developing your artistic skills, you will learn and understand general styles of composition, specific artistic mediums (oils, pastels, watercolours and acrylics), and whether using either canvas or paper as a support suits best, allowing you to focus on these areas for the future. This is not just an art class in Margate but also a social group for everyone to have fun!


Question – Why would Someone want to join?

Answer – It’s fun, it’s social, it’s great for the mind and it’s 3 hours to yourself each week.


Question – How involved are you?

Answer – Very, I am like the classroom assistant. I also get to know all the students individually and speak to all of them. I will also be helping with teaching next term when we have a mix of new and improvers in class.


Question – What makes the course special or different?

Answer – The curriculums are so well thought out, that’s the benefit of being part of the franchise.  All materials in class are included, the group also gets a very comprehensive handout at the end of each session, it is also fun, you don’t have to be into art in any way, some people come just for the social aspect.


Question – Do participants need any tools or materials or are they provided?

Answer – We provide everything bar pencils and paper for the course, but we do sell a starter pack that has everything they need for the course at a cost of £25 if they bought in a shop it would cost them £40+. I also have a retail table and sell all the materials we use in class at a great discount price.


Question – How long is the course?

Answer – 14 weeks, we have 3 sessions per week lasting 3 hours each and these are Monday morning, Tuesday morning and afternoon.


Question – What happens if you miss a session?

Answer – We provide the handouts and also a catch up the following week. We also have a short video to catch up and if I have space they can join for that class on the next course.


Question – What about issues during Covid-19?

We have kept our numbers smaller than usual and we sit people with at least one meter in between them. As the class is the same students each session so we have created a bubble for those who have joined us. If people are shielding, then I have also been running the class on messenger so people at home can join in. I also made sure they have all the materials and dropped some off to people that needed them. We also clean all materials down and tables chairs and toilets after every use.


Question – Are there follow up or more advanced courses to do after?

Answer – As each season runs on, we can make the course as advanced or as basic as needed. Some people have been attending the classes for 6 years!



Question – How do clients pay (in advance, every session etc.)

Answer – The course is paid for first with a non-refundable £99 to secure a place on the course. Then full payment the day before or on the first class. Because we provide all materials this is the best way for us to take money and shows a commitment from the student.